Our Last Poll Before The Caucus

Joe Biden led our first poll in September of 2019, and he finds himself on top again in our final survey before caucus day. Sen. Elizabeth Warren remains in second, while Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Bernie Sanders are in close competition for the third and fourth place positions. Sen. Klobuchar finds herself in fifth, but hits a key metric — she is perceived as the best candidate for rural America. 

July 2019 Poll results

Focus on Rural America went into the field after the first Democratic debates of the cycle. The Results? A very close three-way contest in the Iowa 2020 Democratic caucus. Warren with slight lead over Harris, Biden. Sanders and Buttigieg only other candidates with double digit support.

March 2019 Poll Results

Former Vice President Joe Biden continues to lead among Democratic Iowans who intend to participate in the 2020 Democratic caucus, but his lead over Bernie Sanders has diminished.  Six candidates make up a second tier: Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Pete Buttigieg and Beto O’Rourke.

December 2018 Poll Results

In December of 2018, Focus on Rural America polled 500 likely Caucusers as part of our continuing effort to understand what Iowa voters are looking for in the 2020 Caucus.

The results? Iowans want a problem solver.

September 2018 Poll Results

In September of 2018, Focus on Rural America polled 500 likely Caucusers. The results? Leaders should listen, work across the aisle, and invest in science-based solutions.

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Caucus Day Poll Release

We've got a Caucus Day surprise for you.  Our final *FINAL* poll of the caucus. Here's how things shook out: Our last statewide poll had Biden out in front with Warren, Buttigieg, and Sanders each in close contention for the second tier. This time, we went into the...

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Trump’s Biofuel Broken Promise

Trump promises a lot. But how much does he really deliver? When you look closely, not very much at all. And of those promises, he's made a complete mess of one in particular — standing up for renewable fuels. Take a look.  From the first year of his presidency until...

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January Poll Results

January Poll Results

Focus on Rural America Co-Founders former Iowa Lt. Gov Patty Judge and Jeff Link released the results of their latest poll on a conference call with reporters Monday morning. This is the 6th quarterly poll from Focus on Rural America which began tracking presidential...

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Rural: Ask Them About It

Rural: Ask Them About It

As we all know, the next debate of the Democratic primary is tomorrow, November 20th. We've had a few of these already, and we've gotten a lot of good air time on candidates foreign policy plans, their health care plans, or their perspective on President Trump. What...

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