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The Trump Administration Needs to Support the Rural Economy

Focus on Rural America Co-Founder and former Lt. Gov. Patty Judge held an online press conference with rural leaders in Iowa and Washington, D.C. On the call, the National Farmers Union President, Rob Larew, Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor, former USDA Secretary Tom...

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Caucus Day Poll Release

We've got a Caucus Day surprise for you.  Our final *FINAL* poll of the caucus. Here's how things shook out: Our last statewide poll had Biden out in front with Warren, Buttigieg, and Sanders each in close contention for the second tier. This time, we went into the...

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Trump’s Biofuel Broken Promise

Trump promises a lot. But how much does he really deliver? When you look closely, not very much at all. And of those promises, he's made a complete mess of one in particular — standing up for renewable fuels. Take a look.  From the first year of his presidency until...

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